Creating a Memorable Father's Day Campaign
This June, help shoppers give dad an experience he'll cherish.

Father’s day is fast approaching, so it’s the perfect time to start adding Father's Day designs to your shop. Here at Printed Mint, we know that gift giving is hard, and what’s even harder is designing gifts for other people to give. Luckily, we dug up cold, hard research to help you add the best gifts to your shop. Have no fear, Printed Mint is here!

Last year, YouGov America surveyed 1,670 dads to find out what they really wanted for Father’s day. Turns out, these guys are pretty simple.  

28 percent of fathers reported that they would like to receive a card this June, and another 28 percent wanted to experience something special with their family for Father's Day. The next two favored categories were clothing and homemade gifts.  So we thought, why not find a way to incorporate all of these popular options? Include a card with each of the following gifts and you’ll be golden.

A few design tips to remember: Fathers come in all forms! If you're designing products for your shop, think about including stepfathers, uncles, mentors, grandfathers, soon-to-be dads and first time parents. Of course, the list goes on, but remember that the title "father" is not one-size-fits-all.

What other products are you excited to add for Father's Day? Share your favorite designs with us on Instagram!

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