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21430 N. 15th Lane, Suite 114

Phoenix, AZ 85027

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Printed Mint

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Do you ever miss those silly ice breaker games that initially made the whole class uncomfortable but eventually got everyone laughing and out of their shells? Us too! So we thought we’d play a little game of getting to know you and telling you a little bit about us. Specifically, ten things you might have never known about Printed Mint and all that we hope to share with each wonderful reader and customer we come in contact with. Ready to play? Don’t forget to share a little bit about yourself after reading.. Let’s go!

  1. 2018 Was a Year of “New” for Us

From moving to a new facility in our founding state of Arizona to a website revamp, we had quite a bit of change this year. It was our goal to get even more organized and set ourselves (and onine visitors) up for total success and efficiency. We are now set up in the heart of Phoenix and take pride in our easily-navigable website made for easy, clear-cut wholesale shopping.  Shop here!

  1. We Start Super Early in the AM
    Back to our goal of staying organized and efficient, it’s always been in our business practice to start working early in the morning. To make sure orders and large shipments go out in a timely manner, the early birds must rise and get to work!
  1. We Had a Recent Rebrand

If you are new to the Printed Mint community, welcome! You might have missed our recent rebrand but you’re just in time for the party. Check out our brand transition that started here and get lost in navigating our newly revamped site here!

  1. We Handcraft Every Order

Quality is our favorite word and we make sure to infuse it into each product and order. Each of our products and specialized wholesale orders are handcrafted made to fit the needs of each retailer, shop, or business order.

  1. We Have Quite a Specific Mission

Before getting into our main business values and practices, our main mission is to inspire the creative spirit that lives within every entrepreneurial heart. Being able to do so through design and fulfillment solutions to fellow hardworking creatives is a true honor.

  1. We Have 6 Core Values

What are they? Excellence, dedication, community, team work, gratitude, and inspiration. While we never stray away from these core values, we always make sure to grow to the next level to keep providing businesses like you with the best of the best.  

  1. We Don’t Sacrifice Quality

The idea behind Printed Mint came from something that didn’t yet exist when we were retailers ourselves - a printing company that could provide quality products, consistent printing methods, and branded packaging. It’s a huge part of our business to instill quality in every little detail possible, creating a unique experience for branded businesses and savvy entrepreneurs everywhere!

  1. We Drop Ship

Again, we love efficiency! As a retailer, you get your branded goods directly.

  1. We Work to Provide for 15,000+ Retailers and Beautiful Brands

Being able to work with so many hard-working, unique brands is like a nonstop inspiration parade, one that we show up to party with every single day.

  1. You Can Start a Wholesale Account with Us Today

We’re welcoming you to the Printed Mint family today! Register today and start your journey to an elevated business and brand fulfillment.  

We absolutely love getting to know the wonderful shops, retailers, and business babes in our online community and want to continue this convo! Questions about starting your own Printed Mint wholesale account? Fun fact about your biz you’d like to share? Shoot us a message here or leave a comment below. We can’t wait to get to know you more!

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