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3 Methods for Growing Your Pinterest
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3 Methods for Growing Your Pinterest

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With more than 459 million active users and 50% of users from the United States frequently using it to do their shopping, Pinterest is a social media bigwig that every business should consider utilizing in their marketing strategy! However, with most social media articles revolving around giants like Instagram and TikTok, many business owners are left wondering how to best use Pinterest or whether to use it at all! 

Relate and curious where to begin on your Pinterest for business journey or need help thinking strategy?  Here are 3 methods we recommend.

1. Utilize Your “About”

This one may seem small, but we promise, it’s mighty! Utilize your “about” section and keep it…

  • Short and to the point. We’re talking 3 sentences or less!
  • Well branded. Make sure it sounds like you + reflects the way you speak in other mediums.
  • And descriptive! Describe what your followers can expect from giving you a follow.

This will ensure your followers know what you’re about and what they’ll gain from following your (incredible!) brand.

2. Pin Lifestyle Product Photos

Pinning product photos is great. Pinning lifestyle photos that incorporate your gorgeous products? Next level! 

Our tips for your lifestyle Pins:

  • Make sure they are taken on the highest quality camera you have access to.
  • Don’t include too many other products (if any) in the shot. Instead, let the product you want to feature shine! 
  • Prioritize lighting. 

Pinterest made Pins shoppable, and you’ll want to make sure users can see how they’d incorporate your items into their homes and lives. 

3. Set a Pinterest Showcase

Our last time, but certainly not the least impactful, is to set a Pinterest Showcase up! This is also commonly referred to as a “featured” board. It’s where you can pin the best-of-the-best Pins that highlight the greatest Pins from your business. We suggest changing this up seasonally to reflect things like current events, holidays and running specials. 

Tell us: Do you use Pinterest for your business?

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