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3 Reasons Your Blog Posts Don't Convert
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3 Reasons Your Blog Posts Don't Convert

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We see you, business owner.

We see you designing products that people want to snatch-up as soon as you send out your promotion email blast.

We see you putting your kids to bed and then tip-toeing out to package just a few more items to ship.

We see you creating blog posts filled with value for your customers and then questioning if it’s even worth it because they don’t convert.

And we want to help.

Here are 3 reasons why your blog posts may not be converting…

1. You Don’t Use Keywords

To make sure your blog posts are searchable, you want to make sure you’re actually creating content people want to search for! Not quite sure? No problem. Use Google Keywords or this handy Keyword Tool. Type in a few of the words you’re thinking of using and see what the highest ranked word combinations are.

Once you discover that, incorporate it into your title and a couple of times within’ the body of your blog post.

2. You’re Not Creating Urgency

If you want a blog post to convert quickly, you have to create some sort of urgency. For example, if you’re running a Labor Day sale that you’re hoping for people to find through your blog, you can’t not have a CTA (call-to-action) that explains what it is you want them to do.

Want people to check out your sales page? At the end of the blog spell it out and tell them that directly! People on the Internet want to be told what they should do next.

Be their guide!

3. It’s Not Easy to Read

Are you…

  • Including images?
  • Breaking paragraphs up using sub-headings?
  • Using bullet points where applicable?

If not, these are all things you may want to consider! In the age of social media, people usually aren’t looking to read long drawn-out essays anymore, they want things to be digestable.

Still have questions? Pop ‘em in the comments or head on over to our Instagram + send us a PM. We’re happy to help!

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