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3 Tips for Creating a Label Consumers Love
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3 Tips for Creating a Label Consumers Love

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You’ve did it! You’ve worked hard to create a brand that your consumers will love. You’ve poured hours of blood, sweat and tears into creating this beauty and can’t wait to get it out into the world.

Your team has gotten their brand voice guides, your numbers have been crunched and all hands are on deck to bring your products into the world. 

Now...for selling them and getting your goods  into the hands of your dream target market.

To help with that, we wanted to share a few tips for creating a label consumers love — short + sweet for your holiday weekend reading while making a big impact.

1. Choose a Typeface Carefully

It may sound easy to go with the first one that resonates with you, but you really want to choose a font that’s a few things:

  • Clear to read (steer clear of the Curlicues!) 
  • Not too big, not too small 
  • Probably not what your competitor is using (AKA do research before hand!) 

2. Choose a Color 

Choosing a color for your product label is crucial and we promise you it’s worth putting thought into! You may think bright bees keeper yellow is the perfect hue for your label since it’s the dominant color in your brand, but think of the overall packaging. Are you already using that color in the tissue paper wrapping and confetti? You may then want to consider a complementary color. 

This is why it’s so important to have a color scheme — a branding lifesaver! 

3. Give It Time

Once your product label is created, ask colleagues, friends and those in your target market what they think. Their opinions might lead to a giant break through for you and your brand. It’s all a learning process and you may decide to change things up a few different times before you feel like you really nail-it and that’s okay! It’s all about the journey.

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