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3 Tips for Creating Excitement Around a New Product
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3 Tips for Creating Excitement Around a New Product

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Releasing a new product is something to be incredibly proud of — and we know how you feel. Probably…

  • Excited about your product, and want others to be too!
  • Proud as can be + ready to sing its praises from the rooftops (or at least your IG Stories).
  • Happy that the brainstorming + designing process is finished so you can finally reveal it to the masses!

The question is:


How do you get your target market as excited over a new product as you are? 

We’re not going to lie, it’s not an easy task and coming-up with a promotion strategy isn’t a walk-in-the-park. Like doing anything worthwhile, it takes a lot of hard work, dedication + love. The good news? If you’re passionate about your product, it can be fun along the way!

Here are our 3 top tips for creating hype around your product:

  1. Come-Up With a Creative Social Media Strategy

Gone are the days of posting one well-lit photo to your Instagram and seeing the sales come in (and did that really ever happen to anyone we know in-real-life??) In order to sell the amount our Printed Minters deserve you have to go into your product launch with a real strategy. Think about when your audience will be online, who you can possibly collaborate with and don’t forget video! Especially since Instagram’s recent announcement about how video will be the new focus of their app.

  1. Create an Ambassador Program 

Notify people in your circle about the new product coming to your shop if you believe it will also appeal to their target market. We know folks have had great success doing this if you offer them a percentage of the sale or agree to promote their next launch through your own digital marketing efforts. 

  1. Find Influencers

Finding popular social media personalities and bloggers is a great way to showcase your product to the public + make it look extremely natural — like it’s integrated into their everyday life! Write them a well thought-out email (that proves you actually take in their content!) and explain why you think their audience would love your product. And remember, micro-influencers are usually the way to go! You can read more about our tips for working with influencers, here.

What other strategies do you use to create excitement around a new product? We’re all ears!

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