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3 Tips for Hitting Your Growth Goals in Q4
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3 Tips for Hitting Your Growth Goals in Q4

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The leaves are turning crisp, we’re finally breaking out our light sweaters and just like that, Quarter 4 is upon us. Where did the time go? With the new season comes a new quarter and a renewed motivation to make the last quarter of 2019 the best quarter of 2019!

Not sure how to achieve the last of the things on your “growth goals” list you made from January? Maybe you just made a few new ones + are itching to knock them out of the park?

Here are 3 tips for hitting your growth goals in Quarter 4. 

1. Reverse Engineer

As with most goals, the best plan of attack is the reverse engineering tactic. Write down your big goal at the top of a sheet of paper or Google Doc. Then, below it, write down “mini” goals that would help you achieve the big kahuna. 

An example: 

Big Goal: Bring in $10k of extra revenue. 

“Mini” Goals: 

  • Sell 100 more signature items this holiday season.
  • Market to list from summer pop-up events at least 3 times.
  • Raise prices on two high-ticket products. 

Remember: Small changes add up to make a big difference! 

2. Have Check-Ins

We know just how easy it is to set an amazing goal and then forget to check-in on it throughout the quarter. Before you know it, it’s the last week and you realize you completely neglected one of the goals you were most excited about. Don’t let that happen to you this time around — you work too hard to let that happen! 

Instead, set aside weekly or bi-weekly goal check-ins to track how you’re doing, set up more “mini” goals and pivot if you need to. No one said being a business owner wouldn’t be time consuming, but it can absolutely be worth it when you see those hard earned goals being marked off your list! 

3. Make Sure Everyone Is On the Same Page

If you’re a solo shop, this one may not apply to you as much, but if you have a team, it’s arguably one of the most important points on this list! When you create goals, make sure your whole team is on the same page and has their own list of “mini” goals to reverse engineer your company into success. 

We recommend holding weekly team meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page, that there are no roadblocks and that the “mini” goals are going to plan. 

Tell us: What are your goals for Quarter 4?

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