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5 Business Best Practices To Take Into 2019
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5 Business Best Practices To Take Into 2019

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The confetti cannons have been popped, the champagne bottles are in the recycling bin and we’re ready to go into the new year with our best foot forward, leaving the things that no longer serve us behind. Along with our new Pilates obsession (anyone else?) and hope to volunteer more in 2019, we’re also implementing only the best businesses practices.

We experimented a lot with this one in 2018 and now look forward to sharing our 5 top ones with you today.

Get ready, because these will knock your socks off.

1. Eat the Frog

We’ve been talking about this one for years + still advocate for it years later. If you’re new to this idea, no, it doesn’t mean literally eating an amphibian. It simply means doing your most daunting task first thing so the rest of the day is more productive...AKA: you’re not dreading something through lunch or your 10am yoga class!

We’ve found that often the very tasks we think are the most difficult should have been no sweat at all.

2. Top-Notch Product Photos

Having your products featured in a good light (ha, literally) will keep eyes/get new ones on your business. Who doesn’t love that? We suggest shooting in well lit spaces using the best camera available to you. This doesn’t mean you need a Nikon, but make sure you focus on those iPhone photos and invest in a tripod for a steady shot.

Don’t have time to shoot for your own product line constantly? Haute Stock has a great collection of photos featuring Printed Mint products + we adore them!

3. Tax Prep

We know, we know, it’s a subject that so many people dread, but if you keep up with things on a month-to-month basis, it’s not as bad as you think! Hire an accountant you feel comfortable with and do monthly or quarterly assessments so you know where you’re at. If you’re just starting up, we love Concur, an app that easily snaps pictures of receipts + are complete suckers for QuickBooks.

4. SEO

Making sure you have a handle on your SEO can greatly improve site traffic, friends. Make sure you’re using buzz words your audience is using to find you (Google Keywords is a gem for this), utilizing meta tags + headers and make sure that photos have alt tags.

5. Step Away

This seems counterproductive, but stepping away from work every once and a while can be just what the Dr. ordered in terms of the productivity light bulb popping back on. Make time for midday walks if you can,  squeeze in an activity that calms you, create just for fun + remember that owning a business has its highs and lows, but it’s up to you to make the most of each phase.

Tell us, friends: What practices would you add to the list?

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