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5 Things Great Leaders Do Better
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5 Things Great Leaders Do Better

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If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve been thrown into the life of leadership. Whether that’s taking the helm on hiring, taking the heat during less-than-pleasant customer interactions or setting an example for how your employees interact with one another,  you’ve been designated as the go-to “what should I do next?” visionary.

Throughout the years, we’ve asked ourselves here at Printed Mint, “How can we do better to display better leadership?” and those are the answers we wanted to share with you today. It’s true when you hear being a business owner is a learning process, and no doubt there are more lessons to be learned, but these 5 things have changed the game.

5 Ways to Be a Great Leader

1. Know That You Aren’t Above Any Task

Part of what we’ve found makes a great leader is knowing that we aren’t above any task. If it’s something we would ask one of our employees to do, it’s something we wouldn’t have a problem with doing ourselves. If there’s a box to be packaged, a shirt that needs printing or a customer inquiry to answer, we will give a helping hand where needed. After all, wouldn’t you want your employees to do the same? You go further together.

2. They Blame the Process, Not the Person

One big lesson we’ve learned is to blame the process, not the person. It’s okay to make mistakes (without mistakes, we wouldn’t have nearly  as many breakthrough moments!) but it’s not okay to blame the person who made the mistake. Instead we ask ourselves and our team, “How can we be sure this doesn’t happen again? What processes need to be put into action? Let’s think tank!”

3. Don’t MicroManage

No one likes being micromanaged — so why would you constantly check-in with your employees or ask for a million updates a day to see if one of the usual tasks or projects is almost completed? Part of running a successful business depends on trusting your employees to do their job so that you can focus on other areas of your business. Let go and watch the magic happen.

4. Be Open to Changes

Doing the same thing the same way because it works isn’t stepping into your true power as a leader — but testing a variety of ways so you can find an optimal way to go about it is. Be open to ideas, innovation + changes. They’re what will cause your company to grow and out last the rest in the end.

5. Continue to Educate Yourself

Remember: Knowledge is power + educating yourself shouldn’t be over once real-life comes into play! Make it a point to read an article, take a course, do something that forces you to learn something new (or look at something in a new light!) at least once a week. You’ll be glad you did.

Tell us, Printed Minters: How do you step into your light as a leader?

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