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5 Ways to Be a Better Manager
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5 Ways to Be a Better Manager

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A majority of the entrepreneurs we come across are self taught. They’re makers who wanted to profit off of their ideas, parent’s who decided to start a side-hustle while home with the kiddos or a driven person who had a great idea and took the courage to run with it. But many of them don’t have business degrees and have never been trained to manage a team — without ever really noticing when, they just find themselves...doing it. 

And it’s incredibly often that we find ourselves impressed with the amazing work our Printed Minters do, and how intuitive they make managing their growing teams look. However, like with any company, there’s always room for improvement and ways we can be better leaders in the workplace.

In the mood for a few actionable tips? This one’s for you. 

1. Have Weekly Check-Ins

Implementing a weekly check-in with your employees is so valuable and we’ve found that it makes a huge difference in both workplace satisfaction and productivity. Even if it’s only a 20 minute phone or Zoom call, take the time to check-in, get updates on current projects, see where you could help them better do their job and go over any outstanding items on your Asana lists. It will keep from having to go over so. darn. much. every time an issue does pop-up. 

2. Stop Micromanaging

The truth? Most people don’t realize that they’re micro managing. They just check-in on projects, give a lot of input (often) and mention ways here and there (okay, maybe daily) how things can be done better. While it’s nice to help guide your employees, no one wants to be a micromanager,  constantly looking over an employees shoulder, making them feel like you believe they’re not capable of completing something on their plate. Give them a chance to meet the goal, and if there’s an issue, talk it over in a meeting after the fact. 

3. Learn About Their Personal Goals

This one makes a huge difference in overall employee rapport and happiness. Sure, there are work goals that should be met, but do you know about what they’re trying to achieve in their personal life and how you might be able to help? The best managers, again, are leaders who show a genuine interest in the lives of their work family.

4. Take Ideas

When your employees have ideas, listen to them! It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day just making sure tasks get done and out of the way but making time for creativity is essential for growing as a creative business owner.  During your weekly or monthly team check-in (or however often they happen!) make sure there’s space for employees to voice their ideas, thoughts or potential concerns — it’s so much more helpful than you’d think.

5. Get Clear

Sure, your employee knows what their job title is, but are you crystal clear with them on what they should be doing week to week + what tasks they have ownership over? Leaving the waters murky is a surefire way to make sure things get lost in between the cracks and issues arise. Avoid the “huh” moment and take the time to map out their role at your company now. You’ll (and they’ll) thank you.

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