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5 Ways to Practice Self Care During the Holidays
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5 Ways to Practice Self Care During the Holidays

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The holidays are a time for great joy — quality time spent with family and friends, decorating your home to feel cozy and drinking as much hot chocolate as you can possibly consume (or is that just us?) But for business owners it often means pure craziness. The holiday season quickly books up with late nights shipping products, answering twice the volume of customer service emails and attending more local markets and shows than you’ve attended over the course of the year combined.

It can leave your head spinning, your feet aching and your spirits down in the dumps. But not this year! We’re declaring this the year that you get to have a wildly successful holiday season (finishing 2019 off strong!) and a very merry one. 

So how are we keeping sane amidst the busy? Here are 5 practical ways we’ve been practicing self care…

1. Retain Some Normalcy

If you look forward to attending your monthly book club meeting all week or normally make a Sunday night spaghetti dinner that you eat in front of the TV blissfully content, do it. Now is the time to ramp up the activities that bring you a sense of fun and relaxation. Not ramp them down! 

2. Outsource

We talk a lot about the power of outsourcing and delegation, here, but we’ll say it again: Outsourcing is one of the best things you can do for both, the growth of your company, and the sanity in your heart. Hire a few extra people to help around your neck of the woods this season so the holiday season doesn’t leave you in a haze.

3. Learn to Say “No”

Yes, attend events that light you up — the ones you genuinely want to go to — but don’t feel bad about saying “no” when you’d rather utilize that time doing something else. Whether that “something else” is answering emails or watching Elf at home in your PJ’s, now is the time to do what’s best for you.

4. Don’t Overextend

Set a holiday budget and stick with it. This time of year is a window to connect and spread extra love + cheer, not dig yourself into debt.  Only buy what you can reasonably afford and know that that isn’t the reason for the season.

5. Limit Your Time Online

If you’re sensitive to seeing everyone’s holiday posts or the sad news being splashed across your Facebook feed, limit your time online. It’s okay to set boundaries for yourself — know that your mental health has to come first for you to be of service to others. 

Tell us: How are you taking care of yourself this holiday season?

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