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A Night Time Routine to Calm the Mind
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A Night Time Routine to Calm the Mind

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Business owners tend to be naturally “mind-on” people. It’s likely that you — the one reading this — is even one of them!

When we say “mind-on” people we’re describing the folks who have the tendency to work long hours, get lost in their work and love creating, new ideas + are energized by the thought of another project.

That being said, even the most go,go,go of us need time to calm the mind, rejuvenate and recalibrate so we can put our best selves forward. That’s why today we’re giving a few tips for how you can calm the mind, let go and enjoy the night — because come morning, you’re back on fire.

Tip #1: Shut Off Electronics

We know, this one can sound...well, awful.

What if you can’t respond to that customer inquiry?

What if someone DM’s you on Insta?

How will you see how much traction your Facebook Ad is getting?

The answer is, you will.

In the morning.

Put your phone on airplane mode or on its charging dock and get ready for…

Tip #2: Doing Something You Love

Get lost in a good book, cook a recipe you Pinned to your “delicious eats” board on Pinterest and forgot about, take a walk with your pup or even flip-on a good Netflix movie — Someone Great was so good.

Doing something that you love (no work, allowed!) will allow you to relax, get inspiration from other outlets and in the end, motivate you all the more.

What are you going to do?

Tip #3: Make a Gratitude List

By now, you probably know we’re suckers for a great gratitude list and for good reason! In a 2011 study published in Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being, it was found that writing in a gratitude journal improves sleep.

We usually take 10-15 minutes, light a candle or start our diffuser, maybe play some good music on our Spotify + write everything we’re thankful for.

It’s incredible when you sit down and think about it how much we have to be grateful for!

Tip #4: Set Things Out for The Next Day

Whether that’s your outfit, your work bag, your skin routine products, whatever. Preparing things for the next morning will result in feeling ready to tackle what lies ahead — and who really needs another thing to worry about in the morning?

Tip #5: Stretch

Stretching before bed not only feels great, but can help you sleep more soundly. Not sure what kinds to do? These 8 stretches to do at night will help guide you!

Tell us: What helps you calm down in the evening?

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