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Apps We Love for Business Communication
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Apps We Love for Business Communication

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So you have a team. You’ve hired the best and brightest for a role that screams “them” and they’re going to help you unload your refrigerator sized box of business woes. You’re jumping up and down! You’re happy dancing to Lizzo! You feel ready to now go after all of the things that you actually want to do in your business; not just the things you have to do. But first things first: You have to figure out how you’re all going to communicate and track day-to-day tasks, team projects and other important things. We have a few that we have come to love and wanted to share them with you today.

Apps We Love for Business Communication Include:

1. Asana

Asana for our team has been the creme de la creme of communication apps. It’s easy interface allows our Printed Mint staff to update team mates on the status of projects, share ideas and ask for clarification or feedback if they’re away from the office. Genius!

2. Slack

Slack is perfect for “office cooler” chats or quick conversations that employees must want or need to have. And a major plus? It integrates seamlessly with Asana for the task management side of things! This app is usually the one you’ll always find going on our work computers.

3. Trello

For visual peeps, Trello is a great option for keeping your team organized and in-the-know. It has “boards” and it’s simplistic drag and drop features makes it perfect for a productivity app novice.

Apps we’ve heard are fabulous but haven’t tested (that might be your perfect fit!) include:

4. Monday

A team management platform that looks a lot like Asana, with graphs and charts to make things easier on the eyes. It looks like a marketing manager’s dream boat!

5. Hive

Hive can get pricey for larger teams, but their options look incredible (they have thousands of integrations available!) and the fact that you can move between views is a ginormous bonus so that it can be tailored to how a person personally functions best.

Do you have any apps you’d add to the list?

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