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Avoiding Burnout in a Fast Paced World
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Avoiding Burnout in a Fast Paced World

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Burnout. Chances are, you’ve heard the word “burnout” thrown around often, whether it be on social media, blog posts you’ve been reading or even your own social circle. But the truth? In a world where society keeps valuing the “go longer, work harder, do better” approach, burnout has become an actual problem.

So what is burnout? It’s exactly what it sounds like. According to HelpGuide.Org,

“Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. As the stress continues, you begin to lose the interest and motivation that led you to take on a certain role in the first place.”

Here are a few ways to avoid having burnout yourself, and remember, you’ve got this.

1. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

For many of us, it’s a reflex to say things like…

  • “Of course!”
  • “No problem.”
  • And, without a doubt, “Yes!”

And being a “yes (wo)man” is fun, right? You get to make people happy, meet demands and who doesn’t love a good pat on the back?

But what isn’t fun? The late nights that inevitably cause lack of sleep, the feeling of overwhelm when you find too many tasks on your plate or the stress of, “How on Earth will I get this all done?”

Sometimes less really is more, and it’s about we as a society remembers that, especially in terms of workload.

2. Take Breaks When Needed

And maybe even when it feels like you don’t. If you’ve found yourself working for more than six hours uninterrupted, it might be time for a quick walk around the block, or a quiet lunch where you get to read a good book. Breaks aren’t a sign of weakness, they’re integral parts of a happy life that feels like freedom and well, not stress.

3. When You Stop, Stop

That all being said, at the end of the work day, don’t just take a break, stop. Sure, there will be times when you have to ship boxes later than you had planned or answer an urgent customer email, but for the most part truly stop when your work day ends.

Close the laptop, leave it in your office space (even if that’s just the desk in the corner of your living room!) and change your mood by noticeably changing your environment from work to home.

Some ways to do this:

  • Light Candles
  • Dim the Lights
  • Turn on Music
  • Cook a New Recipe
  • Order Your Favorite Takeout + Dig Into a New Read
  • Take a Bubble Bath (don’t forget the chocolate or vino!)
  • Take a Walk Around Your Neighborhood + Call a Friend
  • Whatever makes you relax and leave the problems of the day behind you.

4. Unplug

In such a technology-driven world it can be easy to quickly answer that text, jet an email reply at a moment’s notice or fill the silence at the dinner table with a short Facebook browse, but unplugging is a great way to stay present in the moment + enjoy where you’re at.

Try ditching the screentime past 7pm and charging your phone in the bathroom or across your room when you sleep at night to decrease those mindless tech-grabs.

5. Have a Team

Having a team to pick-up tasks that you no longer have time for or that don’t bring you joy can be a huge release! And by doing this, you make room for other tasks that light you up and bring your business more revenue — a win-win.

In a space where you can’t afford to hire team members? Interns are a great option and there are always automations that can help with certain tasks.

For example, if social media drains you everyday, choose one social media platform to dedicate your efforts to + bulk schedule posts for the month using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite to reduce your time on the app.

Tell us, Printed Minters: In what ways are you avoiding burnout?

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