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Girlboss Interview

Girlboss Interview


Girlboss Interview Series

Tell us about yourself & your business…

I am an Atlanta native and I live here with my husband David, our daughter Zoe, and our son Henry. 

I love to dream big and I have always pictured myself living a fun-loving creative life. I deeply believe that I was made for more. My mission is to lead women in knowing that they can do meaningful work that they love. 

As founder of Lucky + Lovely, I enjoy spending my time doing the soul-filling work of nurturing other women, and curating colorful and joyful lifestyle (apparel, stationery, gift and accessory) products for women on a mission.

Melanie from @luckyandlovely

What year did you start your business and what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years as a brand designer for women business owners in the event industry. Creating my own graphic t-shirts, mugs and stationery is something that I have always loved to do for myself and to gift to others. My clients and friends were constantly asking me for my products, so in 2017, I returned to my true love of designing products for retail with the launch of the Lucky + Lovely shop.

How did you come to learn what you do? (self-taught, education, classes, books, mentors etc.)

Education has always been important in my family and I attended Spelman College here in Atlanta, where I majored in psychology and minored in Art. I am formally trained in graphic design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I have had some incredible mentors in design early in my career, most were instructors and design colleagues.

What has been the most rewarding phase of your career?

Like many creatives, my path has not been a straight one. After years of pursuing a “safe” career in marketing, working for a leading clean beauty company, and in beauty and fashion publishing - something happened. A spark was lit. I am continually inspired and encouraged by the many powerhouse women I have worked with. I would say the most rewarding phase of my career has been the creation of Everly Organics, a modern CBD beauty and wellness brand that I just launched in April.

What is the most challenging part about being an entrepreneur?

Juggling wearing all the hats has been the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur. Some days, I just feel like, I cannot get it all done. Those days, I remind myself to give myself grace and log out for the day to refresh and give myself a dose of self-care.

What do you do for inspiration? Do you ever hit creative roadblocks and how do you overcome them?

I'm obsessed with researching hashtags for creative inspiration. It has become my new Pinterest. When I hit creative roadblocks, I log off and chat it up with friends, peruse Pinterest and my saved Instagram pic and get in a high-energy workout. The shower afterwards is where I get a ton of my ideas!

What’s the secret to your success (personally/professionally/spiritually)?

My secret? Honestly, is having friends and family around me who encourage me, pour into me and believe in me. I would have chickened out on a lot of my endeavors because of self-doubt. My people have been there to say, "Girl! I can see your stuff in Target. Go for it!"

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs just starting out? Do you have any tips or tricks you learned along the way that you’d like to share?

My advice for other entrepreneurs is to start small and messy. Things do not have to be perfect. You can always improve things as you go. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there. Have the courage to give your ideas a chance. They are like gifts to the world. Most importantly, understand and accept that your voice matters. Your talent, your art, your gifts matter.

What do you think the #girlboss / creative female community needs right now?

I think the creative female community needs more Black women to be seen, heard and celebrated. I would love to see more women who look like me building and thriving in the community.

What are you working on now and what’s in store for your business this year?

I am enjoying business so much. I just launched a beauty and wellness brand, Everly Organics. Everly Organics is a high end, yet approachable, organic beauty line featuring CBD oil as a key ingredient. My dream is for it to be picked up by retailers like Credo Beauty and Detox Market. Being a business owner is amazingly rewarding and every day I am grateful to continue on this journey!

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