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How to Beat The Busy Season Stress
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How to Beat The Busy Season Stress

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As the days get shorter and the leaves start to change color, we can’t deny one thing: That the holiday season is coming. For product based business owners, this also means that the busiest time of the year is upon us. The months filled with weekend pop-ups and markets, online inquiries coming out your ears and Shopify alerts dinging merrily on your phone. 

While that’s amazing, it can also lead to stress, or worse, burn out. So what’s a business owner to do during the holiday crazy?

Take a few deep breaths, get your fave beverage to sip on and read-up.

1. Delegate

If you don’t already delegate tasks, do, and if you already do delegate tasks, delegate more. This should be the time you’re using your resources to work smarter not harder. Think about what tasks you feel like you should be doing (BTS Instagram Stories at events, answering customer inquiries via email, packaging orders, etc.) and determine if there’s someone else who can do the job for you...and maybe even do it better! Let the experts be experts, we say.

2. Schedule “You” Time Daily

Whether that’s a morning pilates class, lunch with a girlfriend or an hour to veg out in front of the TV watching your fave on Netflix or Hulu (we love Atypical and House Hunters), take time for you to do whatever lights you up. When you focus on your well being it makes your business better — not worse. 

3. Use a Calendar 

Looking at a “to do” list can feel daunting for just about anybody — nonetheless business owners who recognize these Autumn/Winter months as their craziest time of year. That’s why we love the time blocking method that allows us to plan our days and evenings to a tee. And the tasks that are left after we time block our days and weeks? We go back to Tip #1: Delegation Station.

4. Set Aside Time for Time Sucks

It’s easy to get caught-up in things like emails, which are constantly flowing in, or phone calls with partners who are also friends, and that’s why you have to set aside dedicated time for those things. For example, we usually only check our inbox 3 times each day — right after we “eat the frog”, before lunch and once right before we close up shop — and it’s done wonders for our productivity!

5. Employee Togetherness

Even though the holidays can get hectic, we always set aside time for our Printed Mint family to celebrate the success of our business and bond, because when employees are happy, they’re more likely to enjoy the job their in and put their best foot forward. Easy ways to do this are dinner time pizza parties, Go Kart nights and shout-outs during a catered lunch.

Tell us: Do you feel prepared for busy season?

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