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How to Choose Your Word of the Year
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How to Choose Your Word of the Year

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Around this time of year we enjoy sitting down and reflecting on what the past year held for us and what we’d like the new year to bring us. While we traditionally enjoy goal setting (you can read all about our best goal setting tips, here and here), this year we wanted to bask in the goodness 2021 has delivered, and let go of the “go go go” attitude that setting firm goals tends to bring our way. The idea is that you choose a word that embodies how you want to feel in the coming year, and allows you to put routines into place that help you feel more of that emotion. 

If choosing a word of the year sounds like something you would like to explore, we decided we’d post the process we’re using below. Hope it helps!

1. Reflect on the Past Year

The first thing we do is reflect on the past year (or years) and create a list of main feelings we experienced, things we spent our time on and people we have surrounded ourselves with. Then, we create a second list of the feelings we want to experience more of, experiences we want to have and people we want to continue to surround ourselves with or would like to welcome into our life. 

2. Pick a Theme

Usually by this time we recognize an underlying theme in our lists. We want to spend more time relaxing instead of doing, we realize we want to spend less time running errands and more time catching-up with long distance friends on the phone, we would like to feel at peace even when there is a big life change going to happen, etc. Use these as your indicators and…

3. Create a List of Words 

Create a list of words that stem from that theme. For example, if your theme was you wanted to create more peace in your life, perhaps your word list would look something like:

  • Relaxed
  • Meditative
  • Cozy
  • Easeful
  • Organized

4. Choose a Word

And just like that, we encourage you to choose the word that your intuition resonates the most with from that list. And if none of them? Repeat from Step 2 and see where you wind-up! This isn’t a rock solid practice and we encourage you to explore other exercises that may help you come to a better conclusion around what your word of the year should be. After all, there is no one-size fits all! 

Tell us: Are you choosing a 2022 word of the year?

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