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How to Delegate The Right Way
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How to Delegate The Right Way

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: It’s vital that you learn to delegate.


Because it will…

  • Give you time to attend a yoga class on your lunch break.
  • Provide you the space you need to work on your business rather than in your business.
  • Let someone else shine and do something they’re great at instead of wasting valuable working hours on things you’re just okay at. 

That being said, it can be scary to hand-off things that are connected to your business. After all, a lot like an actual baby, your biz baby is something you’ve nurtured and cared for deeply. Which is why today we’re dishing out a few tips on how to delegate the right way. 

First Things First…

Don’t just pass a part of your business on to someone willy-nilly. Spend time training them (depending on a task this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months) and following-up with the new task holder to make sure they understand things completely. Once they’re doing the job, have weekly or monthly follow-up meetings to discuss roadblocks that are coming up and/or ways they’ve found to do things better (all about that productivity!) 


Remember that the new task holder might not do things the same exact way you did and most of the time that’s 100% okay. We always say, “Let the expert be the expert!” if numbers start declining or you see a negative impact, that would be the time to chat with the hire about attacking things from a different angle. Remember that the best bosses create a team environment. 

Don’t Forget

That it’s also pertinent to reward your workers for a job well done! Especially if this is your first time managing a team, it can slip your mind to do little things such as say “thank you” or call someone out during a team meeting or email chain about a new thing they implemented that is positively impacting your business. When people feel that they’re being recognized for their hard work, it usually makes them want to work harder and do better!

Tell us: Do you currently delegate in your business? If not, what’s stopping you? 

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