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How to Stay Motivated Working From Home
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How to Stay Motivated Working From Home

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There are a million benefits to that #workfromhome life. The flexible hours, the ability to blast your favorite Spotify station as loud as you want, the fact that you can make your 10am yoga class...it all sounds so appealing. But the side that we rarely hear discussed? How hard it can be to stay motivated!

Today we’re addressing the the not-so-glam side of the work from home lifestyle + giving our top tips for staying on your A-game...even when that episode of Real Housewives calls.

Let’s go.

1. Get Dressed

No. Not just yoga pants + tank top you just got back from the gym in. Get dressed like you’re going to...an office.

This doesn’t mean you have to breakout your old pantsuit or Loft blouse. It does mean that maybe you’re wearing pants you wouldn’t wear to a Spin class, or putting on shoes that you wouldn’t wear to the beach. Something as simple as putting on a swipe of lipstick or wearing an outfit that makes you feel good can change your mood from do-nothing to productive do-it-all.

2. Have a “Just for Work” Space

It’s easy to curl up on your couch or work from under blankets on your bed when you work from home, but we’ve found that having a dedicated work space to get in your zone can be just what the dr. ordered!

If you don’t have a room for an office, don’t sweat it! Get a desk for a corner of your bedroom or set-up shop at the kitchen table surrounded by things that get you wanting to jet through your work day! We love fresh scented candles or Bergamont in our diffuser, inspirational quotes on fun prints hung around us + natural light pouring in.

3. Have Set Phone Time

Working from home you have no one watching to see if you’re constantly on your phone, checking Instagram for updates or texting your partner about random musings that pop up throughout the day. Cell phones can be a total time suck!

Set strict times you’re allowed to check your social + stick to your set work schedule the rest of the time. If you’re prone to hop-on on your computer, we highly recommend Freedom, which allows you to block sites that are a common time suck.

And voila! Those are a few ways we stay motivated while working from home.

Tell us, friends: How do you keep gettin’ when the gettin’ gets tough?

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