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Is Your Company Culture Up to Snuff? Creating a Work Place That Thrives
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Is Your Company Culture Up to Snuff? Creating a Work Place That Thrives

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There comes a time in most companies when you stumble upon the realization that you just can’t do it alone anymore. Entrepreneurship can simultaneously be a dream come true and really hard. freaking. work. 

Work that you simply shouldn’t have to do alone. 

How are you supposed to help your biz baby grow if you’re running around frantically being the…

Product creator?

Packaging expert?

Social media mastermind?

Shipping maven?

And Yelp Review manager — all in one? 

So you’ve done it! You’ve hired a few (or a lot) of people and it’s time to make sure they’re getting the best of the best. 

Why? Because when you create a company culture that thrives, your company thrives as a byproduct. 

Here are some tips for making sure your company culture is up to snuff.

1. Make Sure They’re Being Heard

During especially busy seasons, it’s easy to forget to check-in and see how your employees are doing but the truth of the matter is is that when your employees feel heard, they perform better. 

And another truth? They in fact, add a lot to your company. Take in their ideas, thoughts of how things could be done differently and be ready to adjust — just because an idea isn’t yours doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous! 

2. Get Clear on Your Values

Create 4-5 values that you want your company to embody. Then, don’t hire people who share less than 3 of them. The companies we’ve seen thrive the most are the ones who have stuck relentlessly to their values. This doesn’t mean they can’t change over time, truth be told, they probably will, but most people involved in the business should be on board when the time comes. 

3. Create “Fun” Time

Plan company outings where employees can get to know each other better on a more personal level and just have fun! Go-Kart racing, indoor skydiving and monthly team lunches are great ways of doing this. This usually leads to open communication which is key in creating a well-oiled company culture.

4. Cultivate a Time for Recognition

When is the last time an employee was recognized for something awesome they’ve done? Make sure there is a set time and place for their work to be recognized company-wide — whether that’s a weekly team meeting or Quarterly Awards Ceremony. 

5. Make It Clear That It’s Okay to Fail

Have you ever heard that sometimes the greatest inventions came from the (seemingly) worst failures? Make it okay to fail (and fail forward) when necessary. No one will have perfect ideas 100% of the time and that’s okay! But when the magic happens...let’s just say you’ll thank us later.

Tell us: How are you creating a thriving company culture?

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