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Ways to Get Your Etsy Shop Noticed
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Ways to Get Your Etsy Shop Noticed

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We see you. 

You spend so much time creating beautiful products. Your process is well thought out, you only use the best supplies to craft your inventory and genuinely care about your customer’s satisfaction. You hope that when they open a package from your business their face lights up and they can’t get it out of the box fast enough. 

And we love that about you. But we also see your frustration. 

We see you wondering how you can get your shop seen by the people you’re making for — and we want to help.

Here are some ways to get your Etsy Shop noticed in no time…

1. Utilize Social Media

We talk a lot about social media marketing around these parts but that’s because we’ve seen how much it can increase a business’ profit margin — and reputation. We tackle the power of pinterest for business, ways to beat the IG algorithm and more, here. 

When in doubt, ask yourself: What would I want to see if I were them? 

Give your audience behind-the-scenes sneak peeks of your work day, show off new products you’re working on and tease upcoming shows you’ll be displaying your work at. 

2. Utilize SEO Best Practices

To get noticed on Etsy you have to search for best keywords (get as both as broad and as detailed as you can — ask yourself what your audience might be searching for to find your product) and tag your items accordingly. Creative Hive actually has a fabulous article all about Etsy SEO, here and we recommend you give it a read.

3. Have Stand Out Packaging

Don’t skimp on packaging and choose packing goods that don’t emulate your incredible brand! Get creative and use packaging that people want to share on social media or with their friends + family as soon as they open the box. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action like, “Share with us at @companyname!” or “”Get 10% off your next purchase!” 

4. Have Great Product Photos

Having standout product photos is a must for getting people to buy your product on Etsy. Make sure that your photos are well-lit, show accurate coloring and crystal clear — no blurry shots allowed! 

5. Create Customized Options

Something we’ve seen a lot of brands have success with is creating customized options to promote on their Etsy shop. They’re great for gifting and who doesn’t love a little something-something made just for them? 

Tell us: How do you get your Etsy shop noticed?

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