Adding Printed Mint Products to Your Shop

Whether you’re selling on Etsy or using an e-commerce platform like Shopify, adding Printed Mint products to your shop is easy. In this article we’ll go over:

1. Choosing a retail price
2. Choosing shipping rates
3. Writing a product description
4. Creating product imagery

Choosing a Retail Price

You may have noticed that we don’t have a recommended retail price for any of our products. That’s because it’s completely up to you! Product pricing depends on the product and the market. It’s up to you to research what the products are selling for around the web and to set your prices accordingly.

Choosing Shipping Rates

There are two ways to charge your customers for shipping: Flat Rate Shipping and Calculated Shipping. Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate (fixed rate) shipping is the easiest way to charge your customers for shipping costs. Flat rates are separated into three zones: U.S.A.Canada and International. This simply means that no matter where you’re shipping, the cost is the same for your customer. We provide a list of flat rate shipping costs for all of our products HERE.

Flat rate shipping is also a popular way to charge for shipping on websites such as You can simply copy our “flat rates” right into your shipping profiles and never worry about the shipping cost exceeding what your customer paid.

Flat rate shipping is great, but it isn’t always the best option depending on the final destination. For example; if your customer lives on the other side of the country or lives right next door, they’ll pay the same Flat Rate shipping cost. Keep in mind, you always have an option to choose the method of shipping upon checkout at

Calculated Shipping

Calculated shipping allows you to charge your customer for shipping costs more accurately. It actually communicates with the shipping carrier’s API to get the cost of shipping a package. In order to use calculated shipping, you’ll need to plug in the weights and dimensions of your products. We provide a list of shipping weights and dimensions for all of our products HERE.

You’ll also need to enter the zip code of where you’re shipping from in order for your e-commerce platform to get accurate rates. Since we’re doing the shipping for you, you’ll want to plug in our zip code: 85027

You might want to experiment with the shipping weights and dimensions to make sure your product is accurate as it relates to the cost of shipping.

Writing a Product Description

Now it’s time to write an awesome product description! Feel free to use any of the info we provide in our product descriptions, you can even copy them word for word. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but here are some helpful tips from the pros:

Keep it real. Your writing style should represent you – your voice, your style, your personality. Engage your audience with a casual, friendly tone. When they’re reading your description they should feel like you’re reading it to them.

Be descriptive. Shopping online is difficult because you don’t know how the product feels. How heavy is it? What are the materials and textures like? Is it rugged? Is it fragile? By using descriptive words you can make your customers feel as though they’re holding the product in their hands.

Use keywords. In a lot of cases, your e-commerce platform will be searching product descriptions when customers use the search bar, especially on Etsy! What kinds of keywords is your audience searching for? Using the right keywords can dramatically boost traffic to your shop.

Be brief. With more than half of today’s web browsing happening on mobile devices, it’s important not to be too wordy. Focus on putting the key points at the top of your description so that shoppers get the most important information at a glance.

Creating Product Imagery

Your product imagery might just be the most important part of your listing. We always recommend ordering a sample of your products and photographing them yourself. This way you can photograph your products in a natural setting and style them in a way that makes sense for your brand. However, this might not be an option for you. Maybe you have hundreds of products, or you just can’t afford to buy samples of all of them.

Well, we’ve got good news – you can use our product photography! In fact, we’ve turned all of our product photography into Adobe Photoshop templates that allow you to easily place your designs on our products in a way that looks realistic and accurate. You can find all of our product mockups listed HERE.

On top of that, you can use our “detail” images in your shop to give your customers a closer look at the product’s materials and other details.

And that’s it! You’re one step closer to selling Printed Mint products in your shop! Now it’s time to create your brand with Printed Mint Custom Packaging.

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