How to Create Your Custom Label

We believe in the power of beautiful packaging. That’s why we decorate each package with a customized label designed by you! Here you will learn how to create your FREE customized label.

Download and open the custom label template

Creating your custom label is just like using a product template. Download the Custom Label Template.

Make your design full bleed

If your design has a background color or pattern that should cover the entire label, it must go beyond the edge of the label. This is what the Full bleed design area is for.

Keep text and graphics in the safe area

If your label has text, a logo, clipart, etc., keep it inside the Safe area for text and graphics. Since there’s a small margin of error when printing labels, placing text and graphics too close to the edge can result in a label that looks off-center. Placing text and graphics too close to the edge also puts it at risk of being cut off.

Save and upload your design

Once you’re happy with your design, simply save it as a JPEG or PNG at 300 PPI. If you’re using Adobe Illustrator, remember to check the Use Artboards checkbox when saving. Double-check to make sure that your design is 1125×1125 pixels, and you’re ready to upload!


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