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21430 N. 15th Lane, Suite 114

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Order Desk Integration

Order Desk Retailer Information

Printed Mint’s new Order Desk integration allows retailers to connect their Order Desk account directly to their Printed Mint account.

If you don’t have access to Printed Mint’s Integrations in your account, please email support@printedmint.com and we provide you with access.

    • To get started, go to printedmint.com, log in, and go to your “Integrations” tab located in the “My Account” page.
    • Click “Connect a Shop,” and then click on the “Order Desk” logo.
    • If you haven’t added your Default Billing Address and your Payment Information, you’ll be prompted to do so.
    • You’ll see a button that says “Connect.” When you press the “Connect” button, your email and API Key will be displayed. Copy the API number only and paste it into your Order Desk New Integration page https://app.orderdesk.me/integration/printedmint
    • After you place the API key into Order Desk and connect you will next click the "continue" button on the Printed Mint integration setup page. 


This is the only time your API key will be displayed. If you lose your key, you will need to generate a new one.


Once you connect your Printed Mint account to your Order Desk account using the API Key, you’ll then configure your settings for your new integration.

You will now be able to send orders from your Order Desk account to your Printed Mint store for fulfillment.

Make sure you complete the Order Desk integration within your Printed Mint Integration settings by clicking the Complete Integration button and Save Settings. 


Draft Order Confirmed
If you send an order from Order Desk to your Printed Mint account, and your Order Desk integration’s Approval Options are set to “I'll approve drafts manually as I prepare them for fulfillment (recommended for personalized products),” your orders from Order Desk will be created as Draft Orders in Printed Mint.


Order Confirmed
If you send an order from Order Desk to your Printed Mint account, and your Order Desk integration’s Approval Options are set to “Automatically approve drafts when they are ready.”
Order Shipped
Once your order has been approved and has been processed, Printed Mint will then ship the order to your customer. When Printed Mint ships the order, we will notify you when your order is on its way to your customer.
To configure your custom packaging options and store settings, please go to your Printed Mint account and go to the “Shop Settings” page.

Printed Mint sells a variety of products like mugs, t-shirts, and phone cases. Each product has one or more sides that can be printed on. For example, the Clipboard product has a front side and a back side, while the Cosmetic Bag product has one side. You can view a list of products and their associated templates HERE.

For products that only have one print side, when passing an order through the Printed Mint API, no template needs to be specified within the “retailer_art” field. Whatever artwork is passed to the product via URL will be applied to the product template.

For products with more than one print side, if no template is specified in the “retailer_art” field, Printed Mint will assume the artwork is meant to be placed onto what is known as the “default template.” For example, the Bella Canvas Unisex Tee 3001 has both a front side and a back side. The front side would be considered the “default template”; if I place an order for the Bella Canvas Unisex Tee 3001 and send only one art file, the art would then be printed on the front side of the t-shirt.

If one wants to print on both sides of a product, or solely on a template that is not the default template for the product, one would specify the template name and the associated artwork in a key/value notation.

Printing on Default Template Only “retailer_art”: “https://www.dropbox.com/cool_clipboard_front.jpg”,

Printing on Both Sides of Two-Sided Product “retailer_art”: { “clipboard_front”: “https://www.dropbox.com/cool_clipboard_front.jpg”, “clipboard_back”: “https://www.dropbox.com/cool_clipboard_back.jpg” },

Printing on Non-Default Template Only “retailer_art”: { “clipboard_back”: “https://www.dropbox.com/cool_clipboard_back.jpg” },


Bulk Upload

To bulk upload Printed Mint product SKUs and variants to Order Desk please download the product SKU CSV file HERE. Please be sure to follow Order Desk's instructions located here: 


NOTE: SKUs are case sensitive. 


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