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21430 N. 15th Lane, Suite 114

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Submitting Orders

In this article we’ll go over how to submit an order using the Custom Designer:

  • Finding Products
  • Uploading Designs
  • Approve Design and Add to Cart
  • Submitting Your Order
  • Tracking Your Order

We highly recommend placing orders this way when you’re just getting started, as it’s the best way to get the hang of our products and to ensure that your design files are correct.

If you are placing more than 25 orders per day, contact us at to learn about our other bulk ordering options.

Finding Products

There are three ways to quickly find the product you’re looking for.

  1. The Search Bar
    Use the search bar in the navigation menu to quickly find products.
  2. The Shop
    Browse all of our products in The Shop, where you can sort by popularity, price, and newness!
  3. Browse by Category
    Browse products by category in the navigation menu.

Uploading Designs

Once you’ve found your product, simply set the quantity and click Design Product to open the Printed Mint Custom Designer.

Next, click on the Image Icon or Switch To Advanced Editing.

What's the difference?

  • Image Icon -  By clicking the image Icon, you are only allowed to upload one design file/image. This works best if your design set up and saved in our template.
  • Switch To Advanced Editing - By Switching to Advanced Editing mode, you will have more design freedom. You will be able to add more than one image plus add text and shapes as desired.

If you clicked the Image Icon, click Upload Files and locate your design file and Open. Your design file will appear in the My Files window, select your design file, and click Insert. Move and Scale your design as desired with the Handle and Percentage Scale.

If you clicked the Switch To Advanced Editing, the window will change, and on the right, you will find all the tools you need.

Add as many images as you would like as well as text or shapes by selecting the icons on the right side of the designer. Click the Add Image Icon to Upload Files and locate your design file and Open. Your design file will appear in the My Files window, select your design file, and click Insert. Move your design by clicking anywhere on the image and moving. Scale your design by grabbing on the corner and move toward the center.

Approve Design and Add to Cart

When you are finished designing, simply click Finish and see an automatic generated Mockup of your product. Feel free to Download the image or if you would like to make some changes, click the Back To Editor button. Once you are satisfied and happy with your design Check the Box "I have reviewed and approve my design" and click Approve.

Submitting Your Order

Once you’ve customized your products and added them to your cart, simply hover over the cart icon in the navigation menu and click View Cart. Here, you can write any special instructions for your shipment. If your customer provided you with a gift message, you can input it on this page as well. You can also get a quick glance at shipping prices by selecting Calculate Shipping. If you are ready to place your order click Checkout.

On the checkout page, enter your customer’s shipping address and Apply any coupons. Then, click Continue with shipping method, select your shipping method and Continue to payment method.

Tracking Your Order

You’ll receive a notification email with a tracking number once your order has shipped, but the easiest way to keep track of your orders is in My Account > Orders.

Here, you can view your order history and see important information about your orders at a glance. You can also search for orders by Order NumberCustomer NameTracking IDOrder NoteDateStatus and Total.

Congratulations, you’re officially a Printed Mint expert! Now enough studying, it’s time to get this show on the road!

Have more questions? Search for answers on our FAQ Page or Contact Us.

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