Photographing Your Samples
Grab customers' attention with eye-catching photos

Give your brand a competitive edge by taking your own photos.

One of the perks of ordering your own samples is creating your own stylized photos of your products! Printed Mint generates great mockup images, but it’s important to be able to add your brand’s personal flair by photographing products yourself. Adding personalization to your website through photos can be a powerful way to turn views into sales.

You don’t need a fancy camera to take great photos. If you’re just starting out, try playing around with your smartphone camera. After all, it’s the concepts behind the photos that will help your brand stand out. 

What can I use Photographed Samples For?

Product images 

Showcase your products on your website.

Social media feeds

Brighten up your Instagram grid with unique photos.

Ads and marketing emails

Put your best foot forward for new clients.

If you choose to not take your own photos right now,  you still have more options. You can edit your designs onto styled stock, or you can use photos from our mock-up generator!
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