Designing with Adobe Illustrator

If you haven’t already, please visit our Creating Design Files article to familiarize yourself with our product templates.

Opening the Product Template

Our product templates are Illustrator-compatible PDF files. If Illustrator is currently open on your computer, simply go to File > Open and select a product template. Otherwise, right-click a template file and select Open With > Illustrator.

Once you’ve opened a template, you should see the template guides layer in the layers panel. Create your artwork in the “Artwork” layer so that you can see the safe area and other important guides while designing.

If you are using an older version of Illustrator, the template guides layer may appear different than the above image.

Saving Your Design

Once you’re done designing, we recommend saving your design as an Illustrator file (.AI) in case you need to make changes later on. Before you save your design, be sure to hide or remove the template guides layer!

To save your design click File > Export > Export As. In the Export dialogue, choose a name for your design, check Use Artboards, select a file type and click Export.

Depending on the product, you’ll either need to save your design as a JPEG or a PNG.

Saving a JPEG

  1. Set the Color Model to RGB
  2. Set the Quality to the product’s Recommended JPEG Quality
  3. Set the Resolution to the product’s Recommended PPI
  4. And click OK!

Saving a PNG

  1. Set the Resolution to the product’s Recommended PPI
  2. Set the Background Color to the Transparent
  3. And click OK!


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