Setting Up Your Custom Packaging

In this article we’ll go over:

  1. Intro to custom packaging
  2. Custom packaging labels
  3. Custom packing slips
  4. Ribbon and crinkle paper


Intro to Custom Packaging

We believe in the power of beautiful packaging. That’s why we offer custom packaging labels, individually wrapped products with your choice of ribbon or twine, your choice of crinkle paper, and custom packing slips – all for FREE! But it doesn’t stop there. . . With Deluxe Custom Packaging you can choose from even more colors of ribbon and crinkle paper, add your logo and a promotional image to your packing slips and more. You can learn more about our Custom Packaging Options here:

How it Works

When you first sign up, your Custom Packaging Options will be blank. We won’t put a label on the outside of your packages and we’ll use bubble wrap instead of crinkle paper. Your packing slips will still have your Company Display Name on them, and products will still be individually wrapped in cellophane bags.

If you want to take advantage of our Custom Packaging Options, simply head over to the Custom Packaging page and select Use Basic Options or Use Deluxe Options. Just by clicking the button, the Custom Packaging plan you select will be enabled on your account.

When you place an order, it’ll be packed with the Custom Packaging plan you currently have enabled. That means you can enable Basic Packaging before placing sample orders to avoid the fee, or even use Deluxe Packaging as a way to offer your customers a gift wrapping option. It’s completely up to you! There are no fees associated with switching your plan or changing your options.

Custom Packaging Labels

Make your packages pop with a full-color label designed by you! Click the link for detailed instructions on How to Create Your Label.

Here’s how we’ll use your custom label:

Basic Packaging Label

We’ll print your design on a 2.5-inch round label and place it on the outside of the box. On smaller boxes, we’ll place it centered on one side, and on larger boxes and poly mailers we’ll place it in the upper corner. Whether it’s a box, padded envelope, poly mailer or tube, we’ll make your label look amazing!

Deluxe Packaging Label

Not only will we print your full-color design on a 2.5-inch label for the outside of the package, but we’ll also print it on 2.5-inch labels for each individually wrapped item inside. A few items don’t get a label because they’re either too small or just don’t work well for a label. Gift boxes will have a 2-inch label centered on the lid (select items only).

Custom Packing Slips

We like to keep our packing slips simple. Here’s what they include:

Basic Packing Slip

  1. Your Company Display Name
  2. Order Date
  3. Shipping Address
  4. Our Order Number
  5. Product List (no prices listed)
  6. Your Customer’s Gift Message

Deluxe Packing Slip

  1. Full-Color Custom Image Area for Your Logo
  2. Order Date
  3. Shipping Address
  4. Our Order Number
  5. Product List (no prices listed)
  6. Your Customer’s Gift Message
  7. Full-Color Custom Image Area for a Promotional Image

Ribbon and Crinkle Paper

Basic Packaging and Deluxe Packaging both include individually wrapped items. Some items such as art prints, totes, and cosmetic bags are placed in a sealed cellophane bag. Other items such as mugs, baby blankets, and beverage tumblers are placed in an open-ended cellophane bag. For those products, we’ll tie a bow to close the bag using your choice of colored ribbon or twine. If you don’t have anything selected then we’ll twist, tuck, or use twine to close the bag if necessary.

Basic Packaging and Deluxe Packaging also both include crinkle paper. Crinkle paper isn’t just awesome because it’s awesome, it’s also awesome because it keeps your products safe on the way to your customer! You can choose from a variety of colored crinkle paper, including metallics and seasonal colors too. If you don’t have any crinkle paper selected, we’ll just use more bubble wrap to keep your products safe. 

Now that you’ve got the hang of adding Printed Mint products to your shop and customizing your packaging, it’s time for the fun part – designing!

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